Top 10 Green And White Flags In The World

nigeria national flag

There are so many countries in the world. They differ from each other in their area, geographical location, diversity of the population, National symbols or emblems, and even flags. It is very interesting to know about the flags of different countries. Have you wondered why a country chose a particular flag, what is the reasoning behind the symbols used in the flag, or what the colors of the flag represent? If yes, then you have stumbled upon the right place. In today’s article, we are going to discuss in detail the countries with green and white flags in the world. Let’s wait no more.

Green And White Flags

1. Flag of Nigeria

Designed in 1959, it is the brainchild of Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi. The National Planning Committee organized a competition for the purpose of design of the flag, in 1958. More than 3000 entries were received. There are three stripes on the flag, that is, green, white, and green. It has a very simple meaning, the green symbolizes the importance of agriculture and white represents strength and unity. The design was officially recognized as the National flag on the day of Independence, 1st October 1960.

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nigeria national flag
Nigeria national flag

2. Flag of Pakistan

The flag of Pakistan got its color and form a few days before the partition. Adopted by the All India Muslim League, it is the dominion of Pakistan. Pakistan’s flag has a green field and a crescent moon of white color. In the national anthem of Pakistan, the third verse refers to their national flag.

The dark green color of the field implies that the majority of the population in the country is Muslim. There is also a vertical white stripe at the left end of the flag. The stripe represents the minority population. The Crescent moon, signifying progress is of great importance in Islam. And lastly, the star means light and knowledge.

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pakistan national flag
Pakistan national flag

3. Flag of Siberia

Its diagonally bicolor flag has green and white color. The white color represents the snow whereas the green color represents the taiga forests of the region. This combination is also referred to as the new flag family, as it is white over green which is rare. Siberia is not a recognized state. During the Civil war, it existed on Russian territory.

siberia flag
Siberia flag

Image Source: Wikipedia

4. Flag of Rotterdam

Rotterdam being the second-largest city in the Netherlands, is very popular for the Church. Officially adopted in 1949, the flag has three horizontal stripes, that is, green, white, and green, respectively. The design has been inspired by the state’s coat of arms. The city has had this flag since the middle ages and the exact year is not known. The green color on the flag represents the Wena Court and the white color symbolizes the Rotte river. Interestingly, when the pilgrims used to sail to America, they stopped at this city to worship at Pilgrims Fathers Church.

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rotterdam flag
Rotterdam flag

Image Source: Wikimedia

5. Flag of Esperanto

The flag of this country featured Verda Stelo. It means the green star. This flag has a green field with a white block that features the green star. The flag was officially adopted by the government in 1905. In the Esperanto culture, the green color plays a very pivotal role. It represents mutual recognition. The white color is used to signify unity and peace and the star is five-pointed, which is a representation of the five continents in the world.

Esperanto flag
Esperanto flag

6. Flag of Saudi Arabia

This kingdom has a dark green flag with a Muslim creed written on it. There can be seen a white sword below the creed. The green color is used to represent Islam. The sword implies the adequate administration of justice. The creed or shahada that is written on the flag means, “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” Interestingly, the flag is identical from both sides and the shahada means the same, even if you read it from left to right or right to left. This flag has been in use since 1973.

Saudi Arabia flag
Saudi Arabia flag

7. Flag of Norfolk Island

On the flag of Norfolk Island, there are three vertical stripes, that is, green, white, and green. The white stripe features the Norfolk pine. The green color is used to signify rich agriculture and vegetation on the Island. Th white color is used as a symbol of harmony and peace among the population. And the Pine tree is used because that is a symbol of Norfolk Island and it is endemic there. Some people find this flag similar to the Nigerian flag, but they are different.

norfolk island flag
Norfolk island flag

8. Flag of North Caucasian Emirate

This state existed during the Russian Civil War. It was located on the territory of Dagestan and Chechnya. Uzun Haji was the leader of this state. The flag of this state had a green field and three stars on it. There can be seen a crescent moon below these three stars. All the objects are so arranged that it gives it a smiley emoji look. Some people believe that the smiley-faced emoji has been inspired by this flag.

North Caucasian Emirate flag
North Caucasian Emirate flag

Image Source: Wikimedia

9. Flag of Saxony

One of the most popular green and white flags in the world, The German state of Saxony has a bicolor flag. There are two horizontal stripes on the flag; one is green and one is white. You may also call it white over green. In the center of the flag, there is an image of the coat of arms of the state. The flag was officially adopted by the government in 1991. Do you know the history of this flag? Saxon King Frederick Augustus I during the War of Liberation passed the command to lieutenant-general von Lecoq.

The LG came up with an idea to use the image of a coat of arms on the white uniforms of the troops that had a dark green border. The word spread across the people about the use of these colors. People started using flags, posters, ribbons, etc. in these colors. Later, after the war, these two colors became the official colors and were then used on the flag.

saxony flag
Saxony flag

Image Source: Wikimedia

10. Flag of Pine Tree flag

Remember the American Revolution? This flag was used at that time. This flag has a white field, and there is a green-colored pine tree on the same. There is also a motto on the flag, that says, “An appeal to heaven”. The tree is used because it is considered a tree of peace. Six cruises that were in operation under the command of George Washington, used this flag at first.

Pine Tree flag
Pine Tree flag

These are the list of green and white flags in the world. Kindly share and do post your comments.

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