Devoted To Nature is all about the beauty and richness of nature which is diverse and massive. Humans have a strong connection and interrelation with nature. We are here to appreciate all aspects of nature.

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Our Team

Utsav Srinet
Utsav is a nature freak who loves traveling and writing about nature & the World.

Amreen Fatima
Amreen Fatima is a Nature lover and has taken a nature writing hobbyist for years. She also loves feeding and photographing animals of all types. She is a nature freak who loves traveling and writing about nature & the World.

Prajwal B Gangadhara
Nature lover

Harshit Bhardwaj
Harshit Bhardwaj is a content writer, web enthusiast, and nature lover. He likes reading books, sitting quietly in parks, and enjoys playing with his dog.

Khushboo Garg
Nature Lover

Shriya Kataria
A writer by day and a reader by night. I am a Lawyer in making and a lifelong humanitarian. My enthusiasm for content writing and public speaking is beyond what words can justify. When not writing, I’m either painting or enjoying my slam poetry.

Vanya Pinto
Vanya is an animal lover, an enthusiastic plant parent, and a passionate conservationist. She enjoys being in nature and writing about it, and believes strongly in the cause of sustainability.

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