From Desert Dunes to Coastal Roads: A UAE Car Travel Guide

From Desert Dunes to Coastal Roads A UAE Car Travel Guide

The UAE is a land of great variety that offers visitors something for everyone. In the metropolis of the host city Dubai or out in rural Fujairah, there is something for everyone. If you’re an adventure junkie who wants to get your pulse racing, or a culture vulture looking for ancient traditions, a synopsis of the UAE is all there.

Our intention in this article is to present a detailed guide which will allow you to travel the country’s roads and uncover some of its secrets. In addition to the best sightseeing spots and things you should do, we cover even small details like how one drives on UAE roads. But relax, put on a protective layer of sunscreen, and ride off to this land so rich in life!



The first thing in Dubai is to go to Burj Khalifa Tower, one of the highest buildings in the world. It is the world’s tallest skyscraper of height 828 meters. The 163-story tower is a true modern symbol of luxury.

The building has 24-karat gold inside it giving it a unique appeal. Burj Khalifa has become a tourist attraction that offers spectacular views of the city and panoramic views of tens of kilometers away. The structure has also become well-known for its cutting-edge technologies, like the collection and utilization of rainwater within the structure.

When traveling around the UAE, you have the opportunity to give your car some TLC. Car detailing shop Ecareauto is one of the world’s best detailing service providers. And, since our journey continues on the Dubai-Sharjah route, this is an excellent opportunity to stop by a detailing shop to shine up your car.


The United Arab Emirates is a marvel for travelers–its second-largest city, Sharjah. But being so close to Dubai means it’s a good base for outings, while its private beaches inside hotels make the city an ideal beach destination.

The visual imagery of the many museums dotted throughout Sharjah’s cityscape is breathtaking. Its beautiful waterfronts, comfortable and respectable hotels, hospitable people, and reasonable dining bills are incentives for visiting the city.

Among the more impressive characteristics that set it apart from other destinations in the UAE is that Sharjah has chosen to preserve its own culture. The city is also home to several traditional souks, including the Blue Souk and Central Souk. In these places, you can experience some local culture while browsing for native handicrafts, textiles, or spices.

It has several historic sites, like the Al Hisn Fort, and old sections of town where you can see how people lived back in those days (Sharjah Heritage Area). Even on the waterfront is an Al Qasba Waterfront.

Another great thing about Sharjah is its cultural festivals and other activities. The Sharjah Biennial, a two-yearly major contemporary art exhibition, and the city’s international book fair are big annual events that attract visitors from all over. They are festivals of art, literature, and music that offer venues for cultural exchange and learning.

The Persian Gulf is still the focus of activity in Sharjah. With a stunning coastline, the city boasts limitless potential as a water recreation area for swimming, snorkeling diving, and fishing. There are also boat rides around the coast or a traditional dhow cruise to see sunset along the Gulf.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate, accounting for more than 80% of the total territory of the United Arab Emirates. It is spread across 200 islands in the Persian Gulf, linked by roads. Because it contains more than 90% of the country’s oil reserves, Abu Dhabi is the richest emirate in the UAE.

When leaving Dubai in your car, make a stop at the Local Auto Repair before heading to the National Automobile Museum in Abu Dhabi. The National Automobile Museum is housed in a massive pyramid-shaped hangar. Under its arches are cars that the sheik carefully collected into an amazing and unique collection that will impress all automobile enthusiasts.

Some of the cars were purchased by the sheik himself, while others were given to him by various celebrities, and a portion of the collection was custom-made by a wealthy collector. The world’s first Benz Motorwagen with an internal combustion engine, built in 1885, can be seen here.


Nestled on the east coast of U. Arabia, Fujairah is little known but offers some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. Unlike the other emirates, which are primarily barren wastelands of desert scenery, Fujairah has lush greenery and is encompassed by sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Al Bidya Mosque is one of the most fascinating attractions in Fujairah and has a history dating over 500 years. It is not only one of the oldest mosques in the Middle East but actively used. The simple yet refined architecture and intricate carvings give the mosque an air of ancient age, visiting seems like taking a step into history.

In addition to its culture, Fujairah is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The sand on these shores is golden white while the water is clear blue and cool. Visitors can enjoy the water activities of special interest; swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing. Its varied marine species also make the area a favorite among undersea enthusiasts.

The foliage and landscape serve to enhance the beauty of Fujairah. Thriving with many types of plants and animals on the rich soil, it is a paradise for nature lovers. Many parks and gardens let visitors see native plants as well as exotic animals.

As you embark on a journey through the diverse landscapes of the UAE, consider delving into a comprehensive resource that offers in-depth insights into commemorating the nation’s special day, harmonizing the exploration of this travel guide with a celebration of cultural significance.


This is just a short list of emirates and attractions to whet your appetite for a trip to the UAE. Traveling around the UAE by car has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to car rental companies offering a whole new level of service for less money. Exotic car rental is now an affordable option.

Rent a Lamborghini Huracan, for example. It’s no longer a fantasy; it’s a reality. Many companies do not require a deposit even for luxury car rental. Travel around the UAE by rental car and enjoy the beauty of the Emirates, but remember to read the car service checklist for any long road trip if you are traveling by personal car.

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