Cathedral Rock Vortex at Red Rock Crossing – Magical Sunset Hike

Cathedral Rock Vortex

Oak Creek, where it runs next to Cathedral Rock, is called “Red Rock Crossing” and is considered a strong Vortex as well as a sacred area in Native American history. Majestically overlooking the land and Oak Creek, Cathedral Rock is revered by Native Americans as a home of gods and the birthplace of the first man and woman. It is also the most photographed Red Rock Formation, often found on postcards and calendars.

The vortex energy of this area is said, by many, to be feminine providing feelings of softness, receptiveness and compassion. The vortex is reported at its strongest right on the creek at its closest point to the rock formation. Regardless of how one feels about vortexes, there are many delightful spots in this area to relax in the sun, experience Oak Creek, enjoy the scenery and perhaps even unknowingly take in the vortex energy.

There are 2 ways to access the Cathedral Rock Vortex from the Red Rock Scenic Byway:

Verde Valley School Road – The easiest is to drive north on the Byway from the Forest Visitor Center and take Verde Valley School Road (the road to your left or West at the second Roundabout) to almost the end, about 7 miles, where you’ll see a parking lot on your left. Park and walk a very short distance to where the road deadends at Oak Creek. It’s a beautiful, unforgettable spot; don’t forget your camera!

Back-o-Beyond Road – If you enjoy moderate hiking and climbing, there’s a second route that will bring you close enough to this Vortex to feel its energy. From Red Rock Scenic Byway drive to Back-o-Beyond Road (the road to your left or West at the first roundabout after leaving the Village). Go .6 mile to the parking area at the base of Cathedral Rock and hike up toward the center of Cathedral Rock; take the trail that goes to your right or to the West. There are several trails in this area, but this is the one that will take you to Oak Creek.

Cathedral Rock Vortex at Red Rock Crossing is also easily viewed and accessed from 89a and Red Rock State Park:

Crescent Moon Picnic Site –  Drive West from central Sedona on Highway 89A. Just past the High School, turn South on Upper Red Rock Loop Road (FR216). Follow the paved road about 1.5 miles to Red Rock Crossing. It’s a beautiful spot, perfect for capturing moments and creating a stunning Mixbook album. Don’t forget your camera!

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