The Top 10 Things to Do in Tennessee This Winter: Winter To-Do List

Tennessee Winter

Welcome to the enchanting season of Tennessee in the winter, a time when the Volunteer State transforms into a picturesque wonderland, drawing visitors and new residents alike with its unique charm.

As snow gently blankets the landscape, Tennessee’s rolling hills, majestic mountains, and bustling cities take on a magical aura, offering a delightful contrast to the state’s typically warm southern climate. This transformation is a sight to behold, with frost-laden trees and sparkling lights creating a serene and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a winter retreat.

Tennessee in the winter is not just a seasonal delight but a showcase of the state’s diverse beauty. From the snow-capped peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains to the festive streets of Nashville and Memphis, each corner of Tennessee dons a distinct winter personality.

The state’s winter ambiance is compelling, combining southern hospitality with the serene beauty of a winter landscape, making it an increasingly popular destination for those considering a new home. Many find the idea of experiencing this seasonal beauty year-round so appealing that moving to this city becomes an attractive option.

Discovering Tennessee’s Winter Wonderland

Tennessee in the winter is truly a wonderland, offering a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. The state’s diverse landscapes, from its rolling hills to its urban centers, all sparkle under the winter sky. This season, explore the places to visit in winter, each offering its own unique charm and a plethora of  winter activities.

Outdoor Adventures

Skiing and Snowboarding:

Embrace the thrill of snow activities in Tennessee at Ober Gatlinburg. The resort transforms into a winter sports haven, perfect for those seeking both adrenaline and leisure on the snowy slopes.

Winter Hiking in the Smokies:

The Great Smoky Mountains, a gem among the places to visit in Tennessee in winter, offer breathtaking winter hikes. Trails draped in snow and ice-capped trees create a serene and picturesque setting for nature lovers.

Ice Skating Charm:

Downtown ice skating rinks in cities like Knoxville and Nashville encapsulate the joy. They provide a festive atmosphere that is perfect for families and couples alike.

Cultural Experiences

Visiting Graceland in Winter:

Graceland, the legendary home of Elvis Presley, is a cultural icon not to be missed. Decorated for the season, it offers a unique glimpse into the King’s life and is a highlight among winter activities.

Winter Festivals and Events:

Festivals are a staple of Tennessee in the winter. These events showcase local music, culinary delights, and crafts, offering an authentic experience of the state’s rich culture.

Indulge in Local Cuisine

local cuisine in Tennessee

Warm Southern Comfort Food:

The local cuisine in Tennessee during winter provides warmth and comfort. From savory barbecue to sweet pecan pies, the flavors are a delight to explore during a winter vacation.

Hot Chocolate and Local Brews:

Sipping on hot chocolate or local brews is quintessential when exploring things to do during the winter. Cozy cafes and breweries dot the state, offering the perfect respite from the chilly weather.

Shopping and Entertainment

Holiday Travel

Holiday Markets and Shopping:

Winter is the ideal time for shopping in Tennessee. Holiday markets offer unique gifts and decorations, reflecting the state’s artisanal heritage.

Live Music and Performances:

Tennessee’s music scene thrives in winter. From Nashville’s country tunes to Memphis’s blues, the live performances are a must-experience aspect.

Nature’s Beauty in Winter

waterfalls freeze

Frozen Waterfalls and Scenic Views:

The state’s natural landscapes, including frozen waterfalls and scenic overlooks, are breathtaking. These spots are perfect for photographers and nature enthusiasts looking for things to do.

Wildlife Watching:

Winter also offers unique opportunities for wildlife watching, a peaceful and rewarding activity among the various winter activities.

Cozy Retreats

Cabin Stays in the Mountains:

Staying in a cabin in the mountains is a quintessential winter experience. These cozy retreats offer a perfect escape during a winter vacation.

Spa and Wellness Retreats:

For those seeking relaxation, the state’s spa and wellness retreats provide a tranquil environment to rejuvenate amidst the beauty of Tennessee in the winter.

Historical Explorations

Civil War Sites in Winter:

Rich history can be explored through its Civil War sites, offering a unique perspective on the state’s past during the colder months.

Museum Visits:

Museums across Tennessee offer a deep dive into various aspects of American history and culture, making them a great choice for indoor activities during the winter.

Family-Friendly Activities

family winter activity

Winter Theme Parks:

The state’s theme parks, dressed in winter finery, offer fun-filled experiences for families looking for things to do in Tennessee in the winter.

Educational and Fun Experiences for Kids:

Educational activities abound, from interactive museums to nature centers, ensuring that children have both fun and learning experiences.


As our exploration of this city in the winter comes to a close, it’s evident that this charming state offers a winter experience like no other. From the frost-kissed peaks of the Smoky Mountains to the vibrant streets of Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee in winter is a blend of natural wonder and cultural richness.

The variety of activities, ranging from exhilarating outdoor adventures to serene historical explorations, ensures that every visitor can find something to love. The winter season in Tennessee is not just about the beauty of its snow-covered landscapes, but also about the warmth and joy that emanates from its communities.

Whether it’s through the melodic sounds of country music, the rich flavors of southern cuisine, or the festive cheer of holiday markets, this city in winter captures the heart and soul of the American South.

For those seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the peaceful nature trails and cozy mountain cabins offer a perfect sanctuary. Meanwhile, families looking for fun and educational experiences will find plenty of opportunities in the state’s various theme parks and museums, all tailored to be enjoyable regardless of the colder weather.

Furthermore, the unique blend of experiences available in Tennessee during the winter months is so captivating that it often inspires visitors to consider making this beautiful state their home.

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