Colorado – Where the Music Never Stops

Colorado - Where the Music Never Stops

Colorado’s music scene is an essential part of local culture and economy. Many popular artists decide to perform there, at both concerts and festivals. Also, many musical names come from this state. You’ll often hear about Colorado being a real gathering place for different genres, styles and music stars, as well as fans from all over the US and around the world.

The rich local scene is full of diverse genres and great artists, so it’s worth visiting Colorado for concerts and music events. From indie rock to hip hop to bluegrass, there is something for everyone, and you can easily save your spot at

The Musical History of Colorado

The Musical History of Colorado

Colorado’s musical history is very rich, dating back to times when Native Americans sang their songs loudly. After that, the miners established a strong folk foundation, making this genre an essential part of the state’s culture and tradition.

During the jazz era, many stars like Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie performed there. In the ’60s, rock and roll rose to fame in Colorado, with the Denver Pop Festival being one of the most popular musical events there.

In the 80s and 90s, new genres appeared, as well as many new talented performers. You can name any big name from the US scene, and chances are they had at least one concert in Colorado at some point.

The rich and vibrant musical history made this state a very important spot for mixing genres, traditions, cultural aspects, and artistic expressions.

As a result, many popular music venues were built, like World Arena in Colorado Springs, Fox Theatre in Boulder, Ball Arena in Denver, and many more.

The Modern Music Scene of Colorado

Today, Colorado’s music scene is diverse and thriving. Surely, many popular music artists perform there, with The Darkness, Boston Manor, The Zombies, and Bad Religion among the upcoming concerts in Colorado performers.

Additionally, this state features a few orchestras. Surely, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, and Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra are the most popular ones.

One of the most unique things about the modern Colorado music scene is its diversity. Artists from all over the world come to Colorado to live, create, and perform. Additionally, they feel a connection with the state’s nature, which is quite inspiring for them.

Also, people from Colorado are very supportive of both local and visiting artists. They’re probably the best audience an artist can ask for.

5 Most Popular Performers From Colorado

Now it’s time to talk about more exciting things. Colorado gave the world many talented pop, punk, rock, and contemporary music stars. So, today, we’ll pay more attention to them, their work, and the most popular songs you probably know already.

1. The Fray

If you know the song “How to Save a Life,” then you probably know about the Denver band The Fray. The audience often describes their style as a combination of pop rock, alternative, and soft rock, and we must say, they’re all of that.

Surely, The Fray isn’t known in Colorado only. Their most popular song helped them gain recognition in Australia and Europe, too. Their songs are known for their catchy melodies and emotional lyrics, which fans appreciate a lot for sure. Still, “How to Save a Life” is probably the most recognizable song, especially the version where the Grey’s Anatomy cast sings during surgery.

2. OneRepublic

OneRepublic gained popularity because of the song “Apologize,” especially after Timbland’s remix. It was indeed a MySpace hit, but no one could ever imagine the influence this song would have on the Colorado Springs’ band.

It seems like “Apologize” helped OneRepublic gain world popularity, bringing them Grammy nominations and many additional awards. Their career continued with many concerts worldwide and great songs like “If I Lose Myself,” “Love Runs Out,” and, of course, “Counting Stars.”

They often perform in Colorado and around the US, but they also visited plenty of European countries: Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Russia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Serbia. Their Native Tour also featured many Asian and African countries, ultimately closing the chapter with two Brazilian performances.

3. 3OH!3


The popular Boulder duo is a popular electronic music performance with so many singles and collaborations behind them. They first appeared in 2004 with the single “Electroshock” and then proceeded into a rich career and even more popular singles.

3OH!3’s music is a mix of electronic pop, dance-pop, and pop-rock. During their performances, they share a lot of energy with the audience. So, it’s not even surprising that the fans indeed want to attend their concerts and live performances.

4. Zephyr

Zephyr was one of the most popular Colorado bands. Even though they lasted for only three years, Zephyr is often praised for the emotional effect and energetic live shows.

They released three albums during their short career, but surely the influence they had on the local rock scene is permanent. The band’s songs are often described as being both powerful and vulnerable. Zephyr’s songs are often covered by other rock bands during their live shows.

5. Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire, also known as EWF, is still active, even though the band’s line has changed quite a few times since 1969. Their musical expression covers many genres like Afro-pop, R&B, jazz, soul, dance, and disco. EWF was initially known for their energetic performances and live shows, defining the 70s disco scene.

Even though the original band was formed in Chicago, many Colorado artists went through it, being part of the project that won six Grammys and many other musical achievements. Their musical expression is catchy, energetic, and playful, making them one of the most influential bands worldwide.


Colorado boasts a rich music history but also an even richer modern scene. From legendary bands to A-list stars – you can find everything you’ve ever wanted in this state. If you ever find yourself there, pick your favorite music event and don’t miss the authenticity of the local scene.

We are sure that between the various cultural events, concerts, festivals, and gigs, you will find exactly what will make your experience unique and worth remembering forever.

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