Top History Scholarships for 2024-2024

Planning to pursue a degree in history? You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of scholarships available specifically for passionate and hardworking students like you. Whether you’re just starting your college career or are already enrolled, these top history scholarship can help cover some of the costs associated with higher education.

We’ll discuss the best international, national, and private scholarship opportunities for history majors in 2024-2024. We’ll also provide information on how to apply for each one so you can easily determine which ones you’d like to pursue. Consider using a history essay writing service like to increase your chances for successful admission, and read on if you’re interested in finding out more about what’s available!

Vogue Australia 50% Scholarship | Billy Blue College of Design


The Vogue Australia 50% Design Scholarship is here to break down barriers for aspiring designers, allowing them to unlock their potential. This trademark partnership between Billy Blue College of Design and Vogue Australia shines a light on upcoming talent in the creative industries, offering an unparalleled stamp of approval on any student’s résumé.

This scholarship program seeks out high achievers passionate about history and design. This unique opportunity gives students access to incredible resources that can help shape and advance their future career prospects.

By receiving 50 percent off course fees, these budding creatives can take bold steps towards achieving their dreams as they explore the rich possibilities available through studying history and design at Torrens University Australia.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Scholarship 2024 in Germany


In addition to the Vogue Australia 50% Scholarship for Billy Blue College of Design, overseas students may also be interested in the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) Scholarship. Students of extraordinary merit who aspire to enroll in an accredited university or technical institution in Germany are eligible for these coveted awards. It pays for all of your schooling and provides a monthly stipend to help with living costs.

Those who are either finishing up their undergraduate degree or have already earned it are eligible for the KAS Scholarship. Academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to advancing democracy and social justice are all requirements for consideration.

Maybe for this, you will have to pass some exams and Paperwritten will be happy to help you with this. This will save you time and effort when applying for a grant.

Benefits include the following:

  • Up to two years of financial support for a master’s degree
  • Access to a network of alums & experts in various fields
  • Opportunities to participate in seminars, workshops & other events organized by the foundation

This generous scholarship offers a multitude of incredible opportunities that can help maximize individual success while pursuing higher education in Germany.

Hungary Government (Stipendium Hungaricum) Scholarships 2024


The Hungarian Government’s Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarships 2024 is an opportunity of a lifetime for international students. It provides total funding to pursue Master’s programs in any subject taught at Hungary Universities, opening up a world of possibilities!

Figurative language paints this picture: the scholarship invites you to explore new territories, like a passport granting access to foreign lands and cultures.

The table below summarizes some critical information about the program:

Program Features Information
Institution Hungary Universities
Level Masters level program(s)
Subjects All Subjects
Type Fully Funded


This exceptional grant from the Hungarian government supports the internationalization of higher education in Hungary and strengthens its link with global academic and research communities. Moreover, it helps promote the reputation and competitiveness of Hungarian higher education globally. Thus, take advantage of this chance to give wings to your dreams!

2024 New Zealand Aid Program For International Students


The 2024 New Zealand Aid Program for International Students offers an incredible opportunity to study abroad in a beautiful country with diverse culture and climate. This program provides financial support to international students pursuing their studies in various universities across the nation, such as:

  • University of Auckland
  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Lincoln University New Zealand
  • Massey University
  • University of Otago
  • University of Waikato
  • Victoria University of Wellington.

Anyone, regardless of where they were born or their socioeconomic status, can apply for this grant. It consists of grants for things like schooling, housing, transportation, insurance, and even unique opportunities like language study, travel, and cultural immersion.

Many students who hadn’t previously considered studying abroad will be able to do so with the aid of these scholarships. They are also relevant to a variety of graduate and postgraduate courses across disciplines, including history. Don’t pass up the opportunity to further your studies and see the globe in this beautiful location.

LEG Fellowships for Doctoral Students 2024

Finding reliable funding is critical when pursuing a Ph.D. degree. The Leveraging Educational Grants (LEG) Fellowship Program provides bright students from all over the world with the resources they need to further their education in the subjects of History, Theology, and allied disciplines.

The Leibniz Institute for European History sponsors this fellowship program for doctorate and postdoctoral scholars whose work focuses on Europe from the early modern period to 1989/90.

We are especially interested in hearing from scholars working in the fields of intellectual history, theology, and church history, as well as those doing comparative, transnational, and transfer-historical research initiatives. Academics have the amazing opportunity to pursue their true calling while simultaneously obtaining financial support for their education because of LEG.



Overall, there are many incredible history scholarships available for 2024-2024. If you want to pursue your studies in this subject, then it’s worth checking out these options. Each program offers unique opportunities and benefits, from the Vogue Australia 50% Scholarship at Billy Blue College of Design to LEG Fellowships for Doctoral Students.

So if you have a passion for learning about history and its impact on today’s world, consider all of these fantastic scholarship offers. With dedication and hard work, you can make your dreams of studying history come true!

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