3 Best non-EU Golden Visa programs

3 Best non-EU Golden Visa programs (1)

Many countries around the world offer their passport in exchange for investment. Such schemes are common both inside and outside the European Union. Today, we will tell you three of the most popular non-eu golden visas.

Why should you choose a non-EU Golden Visa Program?

Each state sets individual requirements for the candidate. The list of privileges that cosmopolitans receive also differs. Caribbean golden visas are a popular destination among foreigners.

The reason for this is the affordable cost of Golden Visas that you can find here, the opportunity to obtain a document, and the corresponding rights immediately after investing.

Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa program

Antigua and Barbuda Golden Visa program

The minimum contribution under the scheme of this state is 100 thousand dollars for individual applications. Family applications will require additional investment. Investments in government funds are non-refundable.

The program provides other ways of naturalization to return investments or earn a profit: purchasing apartments from 200 thousand dollars from the list of government-approved objects or investments in the business.

Retaining the right to real estate for 5-7 years is essential. Later you can sell it and get your money back. Moreover, immediately after purchasing apartments, you can rent them out and receive rental income.

One of the special conditions of the region is the need to visit the island within five years after receiving the papers, as noted by a specialist of Immigrant Invest company Elena Ruda. The total period of stay is 5 days.

Grenada Golden Visa

Grenada Golden Visa (2)

The minimum cost of the algorithm is slightly higher than in the previous option. Grenada scheme starts from 150 thousand dollars. The purchase of real estate is possible from 220 thousand dollars. According to the region’s legislation, applicants do not need to visit the island.

The entire procedure also takes place remotely. The whole process takes an average of 12-16 weeks. After this time, foreigners become full members of Grenadian society. A unique feature of this scheme is the ability to issue an E-2 visa to the States.

Delve into the advantages and disadvantages of the Golden Visa scheme, expanding your knowledge in tandem with the information about the top non-EU Golden Visa programs.

Like other states in this article, Grenada is an opportunity to stabilize the financial situation, and a favorable tax atmosphere contributes to this. Holders of island documents can use European financial institutions’ services.

St Kitts and Nevis Golden Visa

St Kitts and Nevis Golden Visa

This scheme is almost 40 years old and the oldest worldwide. Over 20,000 foreign nationals have used it during this time. Cosmopolitans are offered two directions for making investments: real estate from 200 thousand dollars and contribution to the national fund of 150 thousand dollars.

Candidates themselves choose the most advantageous and suitable way of naturalization. Cosmopolitans can inherit the status of a citizen of this state.

Comparison of 3 programs

In general, all regions listed in this article have similar conditions, requirements for applicants, and benefits. Regardless of the chosen country, Caribbean residence by investment, the requirements for applicants are as follows:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • no criminal record;
  • legal income.

The lead applicant may include in the application a close circle of relatives:

  • husband/wife;
  • children;
  • dependent siblings;
  • parents.

The main condition for family members is financial dependence on the lead applicant.

In addition to the basic financial costs under the terms of the scheme, it is necessary to consider other fees: application and inspection charges. In Antigua, the applicant will additionally need to pay 37.5 thousand dollars, in Grenada – 55 thousand dollars, and under the scheme of St. Kitts – 15 thousand dollars.

Including relatives in the application will also cost additional money. Applications are accepted through licensed agents, so you need to choose a specialist and enter into a contract with him. This approach simplifies the process and increases the chances of approval.

Therefore, to begin with, you should conclude a cooperation agreement with a specialist. Agents do more than just advise clients. They help in the collection of papers, their translation, and apostille. Agents will conduct a preliminary check and will be able to assess the chances of clients approving the application.

The client receives professional support at all stages, including the receipt of documents. This approach to migration is convenient and fast, which is especially important for businessmen who do not have free time to independently study the necessary information and implement the algorithm.

Discuss with a specialist all the nuances by region, and additional costs to choose the right program for your budget. The privileges that migrants receive do not differ so much. Therefore, you will get an advantage.

Obtaining a second document does not oblige the cosmopolitan to abandon his homeland, and foreigners retain a similar status in the two regions. This allows you to expand existing opportunities both socially and economically.

Ensure a smooth journey by packing these necessary travel items, complementing your preparedness with insights from the guide on the best non-EU Golden Visa programs.



Islands in the Caribbean Sea are popular and sought-after regions for non-EU residents by investment. Affordable costs and solid benefits are the main factors influencing the choice of foreign migrants. Wealthy citizens seeking freedom of movement and financial independence can use the proposed algorithms.

Their closest relatives can apply for new documents together with them. No relocation is required, cosmopolitans can live anywhere and benefit from the new document.

Applicants are not required to abandon their homeland, or learn the local language, and not even all states oblige to visit their territory. All that is needed is to make an investment and pay the necessary fees.

The procedure is fast and clear, and the documents are submitted by a licensed agent, so the applicant’s participation in this fuss is minimal. To make the choice of the region successful, find out all the nuances of interest, clarify additional costs, and make a decision that will change your life for the better!

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