What to Look for When Buying an Electric Beach Cruiser

Electric Beach Cruiser

Several individuals are considering using alternate modes of transportation to reach their destinations due to rising gas prices and growing sustainable living campaigns. Electric bicycles are one option gaining popularity because they can help people save money and give them a reliable and speedy way to get around.

An electric bike has numerous advantages for your health, fitness, and the environment. Given the supplementary functionality of a motor and batteries, they let users leave their car or motorcycle at home and travel further than regular bicycles.

Are you getting ready for the much-anticipated beach vacation? An ideal option is an electric beach cruiser click here. Finding the best one is of greater significance when buying an electric bike than simply choosing a model. The following are the main things to consider when purchasing an electric beach cruiser.

1. Motor


Most e-bike aficionados would emphasize the relevance of electric bike motors and batteries. Based on the riding conditions at the beach, these components are significantly more crucial for an electric beach cruiser.

In other words, a powerful motor is crucial for biking on sandy beaches since it enables riders to go more quickly through the sand. Otherwise, with little drive power, your bike could become stuck in the sand easily. Watts are typically used to measure electric bike motors. It is ideal to select a motor with at least 250W. However, your best bet is a larger motor size of roughly 750W.

Moreover, think about the motor’s position. Older electric bicycle versions had the motor mounted near the front wheel. However, as performance became more important to manufacturers, they shifted to a pedal-cased motor design.

Some modern models even include built-in sensors that can gauge the bike’s spin, speed, and pressure due to technological advancements. When choosing a model, consider whether the placement of the motor will impede your movement.

2. Battery


You can recharge a battery that powers an electric bike at most electrical outlets effortlessly. Ensure the battery in your electric bike model is of a high caliber and won’t discharge soon.

The size of the battery will also affect how well it works for your bike rides. That’s because beach sand may require a lot of power to maneuver. It means that for a distance, cycling on the beach can drain the battery faster than riding on flat ground.

Batteries between 400 and 500 Wh are excellent choices.

Consider the battery’s range when selecting your model because it will decide how long it can operate without needing to be recharged.

There are three different battery kinds for e-bikes. The nickel-cadmium batteries are incredibly lightweight but have some drawbacks, particularly about memory. The most economical but heaviest alternative is a lead-based battery. They also sometimes react to various weather conditions, which might require practical maintenance knowledge.

Only consider the lithium batteries if your budget allows for them because they deliver power with maximum consistency.

Don’t forget to look over the battery and motor warranties as well.

3. Comfort Features


Convenience is the most significant thing when choosing an electric beach cruiser bike. It is considerably less likely you will ride it if you aren’t at ease on your bike. Upright riding posture and classic versus step-thru frames are two factors to consider.

The rider of a standard road or mountain bicycle leans far forward. Many riders, especially those who ride cruiser bikes, will find an upright cycling position more comfortable. A step-thru frame is something to consider if mobility is a problem or if you like the look. This frame makes cruiser bikes simpler to mount and dismount than the traditional straight-bar frame.

In addition, the handlebars, pedals, and seat of the bike should all be at a comfortable height. The bike seat should be large and well-padded, and the handlebars should allow you to sit up straight to provide an enjoyable experience. The pedals must be wide, featuring a non-slip coating to prevent your feet from sliding when pedaling.

You must test ride the bike to see what meets your riding style. Little modifications to a bike’s geometry can significantly impact how it feels.

4. Range

travel with e bike

You’re generally unlikely to experience a battery run-flat if you begin a usual journey with the bike’s battery fully charged. However, the range of your e-bike or the overall miles you can travel before running out of juice is crucial.

You won’t need to charge the battery as frequently if your bike’s range is high. Watt hours (Wh) become essential in this situation. On paper, a 300W motor powered by a 300Wh battery would exhaust in an hour at full power.

It involves a lot more factors in practice. One is that you’ll never have the battery running continuously at full capacity. You’ll probably employ various modes. Some will include eco settings to provide you with a longer battery life.

Furthermore, the rider’s weight, terrain, and weather conditions might affect the battery’s range.

5. Weight

e bike

It’s essential to consider your riding style and the planned use of your e-bike to comprehend the influence weight may have.

Consider a sturdy bike for stability on the sand if you only intend to ride your bike on the beach. Weight continues to impact the bike’s performance and balance despite the additional power assistance of e-bikes. 

Realistically, when you aren’t using the e-bike, the bike’s weight will be more of a factor. Bike weight can be challenging to manage the additional weight daily if you need to carry your bike upstairs, onto and off crowded trains, or onto an overhead rack in your car.

In recent years, e-bike technology has advanced significantly, and they are lighter than before. Visit your local bike store to try the bike out and determine what weight you desire the bike to be.

Cruising the Beach with an E-bike 

You must devote the time to examine every aspect that may impact your riding experience when looking for an electric beach cruiser bike. You may choose a bike that is ideal for you by carefully considering its ergonomic features, motor and batteries, framework and tires, braking mechanism and gears, and other aspects of the bike. 

Make the best decision possible because purchasing an electric beach cruiser bike is a commitment to your pleasure and health.

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