Do You Need a VPN While Travelling – Everything You Need to Know in 2024

VPN While Traveling

If we go 1 or 2 years back, we use to think that VPNs are very harmful and offensive things as they will affect our online safety and are not reliable for our data and we will lose our all privacy while using a VPN.

But not it becomes a myth as VPNs are the most useful tool be it for a businessman or any binge-watcher anybody can access VPN and enjoy anything they want, yes but it depends on how you make it very useful, mostly we get bored when traveling or being in a flight we all need something to stream or watch to make our traveling fun.

But as we all know so many streaming sites are already geo-blocked like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and so many but all these streaming sites are one steps away from you, all you have to do is get a Disney Plus VPN and enjoy Disney Plus movies and series while traveling or anywhere.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a service that easily provides you with secure and private access to any Internet connection, and encrypts all your important online data, which cannot be easily taken over your communication through the airwaves. A VPN properly protects your data from getting stolen by anyone, like your password, username, and all the confidential credit card number, browser cookies, or any other useful information.

Different Types of VPNs

Different Types of VPNs

Below is a breakdown of the different types of VPNs and their functions:

  1. Remote Access VPN: These allow an individual user to connect securely to a remote network from any location, over the internet. They are particularly useful for individual users who travel frequently or those who need secure access when working remotely.
  2. Site-to-Site VPN: This type connects multiple corporate sites across different locations using private infrastructure over the internet. These networks are used by companies and other organizations which have offices in different cities, countries, or even continents that need secure communication between branch locations without having to buy expensive leased lines or build redundant infrastructure in every office location
  3. Intranet-based VPN: This type of network provides employees with secure remote access while they are out of the office, allowing them to securely access their work resources anywhere they have an internet connection. Intranet-based networks also provide safety measures such as encryption and authentication protocols so users can be sure that only authorized personnel can access specific data or resources within their company’s intranet system
  4. Mobile VPN: These networks allow for secure internet access for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, providing privacy when you’re connected via cellular/wireless data plans or public Wi-Fi hot spots from an untrusted source like a café or hotel room. With Adobe Express, users can generate QR codes at no cost. These codes can be utilized by mobile VPNs to streamline the login process for their users. Rather than inputting login details manually, individuals can scan the QR code to establish a fast and secure connection to their VPN. This feature is especially beneficial for people who frequently use public Wi-Fi or require access to confidential data while on the move.

Benefits of Using VPN:

Being able to access a streaming service like Netflix from anywhere, even when you’ve left your country of origin, is the most popular advantage of a VPN.

The country you visit can have restrictions on an app or website at the ISP level depending on where you are traveling. If that’s the case, a VPN will help you get past it.

Provide you Safety and Security

VPNs Encryption

In the United States and Canada, governments have put in place draft security precautions to ensure their citizens’ cyber security. If you use a public WIFI connection, it may leave your information vulnerable to hackers as you do not need to enter any login name or password. Without a secure connection, your passwords, emails, bank details, credit card information, and other personal data can be accessed by malicious parties. To protect yourself while using public WIFI networks, consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN will encrypt your data so that hackers are unable to access your sensitive information.

Access blocked websites

So many sites are blocked outside of their available regions, if we talk about streaming sites so Hulu, Disney Plus, Netflix, HBO Max, and YouTube TV are blocked outside of the US as they have applied the geo-restriction policies also Facebook, YouTube, and online news are particularly ban in Asian countries like China, Vietnam, Burma, and Thailand. Here you can make a VPN useful buy its subscription and start accessing all these restricted sites.

Watch TV while traveling

use VPN while traveling

Everybody loves watching their favorite shows and movies on rainy and cold nights or sleepless nights, all we want to just simply log in to stream on our favorite streaming service, but sometimes it makes us sad that some of our favorite streaming services are already blocked in our region like Hulu, Amazone, BBC, HBO Max, and YouTube TV.

But Netflix and Amazon are now available in so many countries with a limited content library which means you will not be able to access their complete media library outside the USA, this is where you use a VPN service that will bypass all the restrictions by changing your IP address temporarily so you can watch any of your favorite TV series and movie while sitting in your comfy house.

Prevent frozen bank accounts

Imagine you are traveling outside of your country and suddenly your bank account got frozen we know that this is the biggest nightmare for any traveler, sitting a thousand miles away from your home and not being able to access your bank account it is definitely not a likable situation for anyone. Another reason for using a VPN when traveling is if you plan to do any online banking on your phone or laptop your bank may notice and freeze your account if they discover that you have logged in from a foreign country, such as the Philippines while you are usually based in the UK. After that, you’ll need to call your bank to fix the problem.

Stay Connected with Friends & Family

Why You Need a VPN

Through innovative computing technologies like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), it’s easy for friends and family members around the world to keep connected with each other via video calls or audio chats regardless of location differences–but unfortunately, services like Skype are often blocked in certain countries due their political policies. A VPN will let your family members stay connected without worrying about getting blocked by local authorities or having their activities monitored by anyone else on the same network as them!


VPNs or Virtual Private Networks is a very useful Apps when it comes to accessing restricted sites and protecting your online information also it will keep your information safe and secure while providing you complete access to restricted and geo-blocked sites.

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