5 Asteroids as big as the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa to pass in December’21


There are multiple asteroids heading towards our planet and some of them has just passed near to our planet. If these asteroids hit the Earth, it could lead to disaster and serious destruction. Big rocks known as asteroids are constantly in space travel around the Sun and sometimes change their paths due to the gravitational force of planets. These space rocks rarely collide the but when it does, it’s a disaster. That’s why, even when an asteroid with a diameter of over 150 metres travels close to Earth, NASA identifies it as a potentially hazardous one and keeps a close eye on it. Here is the list of the upcoming asteroids that are approaching Earth.

Asteroids in December 2024

1.4660 NEREUS (11 December 2024)

4660 NEREUS is a 330-meter-diameter asteroid that will fly past Earth on December 11 at a distance of 3.93 million kilometres. As per reports from NASA, it is approximately the size of the Eiffel Tower. the distance from the Earth was ten times that of Earth and Moon, the asteroid has been classified as “potentially hazardous” since it meets all of the NASA requirements.

2.163899 (2003 SD220)- (17 December 2024)

163899 (2003 SD220) is another massive asteroid of the size 769-816 metres in diameter that have passed the Earth yesterday and it is comparable to the size of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa. The asteroid 163899 will approach Earth at a distance of 5.4 million kilometres, which is 1.3 times closer than the asteroid range identified by NASA as potentially dangerous.


3.2016 TR54- (24 December 2024)

2016 TR54, this is a comparatively smaller asteroid of the size 100 to 230 metres in diameter, will pass near the Earth at a distance of 6.4 million kilometres.

4.2018 AH- (27 December 2024)

This is also the smaller asteroid 84-190 metres in diameter, asteroid 2018 AH will pass by Earth on December 27 at a distance of 8.9 million kilometres. Its size is bigger than the Taj Mahal.

5.2017 AE3- (29 December 2024)

2017 AE3 is a 120-260 metre asteroid, is the third-largest asteroid to pass by Earth this month. The arteries is expected to pass on December 29, which might be larger than the Statue of Unity. The asteroid will most certainly pass Earth at a distance of 3.1 million kilometres, which is under the safe range.

This is the list of asteroids passing by planet Earth in the month of December. Kindly share and do post your comments.

Source: HT Tech

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