Virginia Delights: A Local’s Guide to the Ultimate Things to Do

Virginia Delights: A Local's Guide to the Ultimate Things to Do

When you think of visiting the United States of America or exploring the country as an American, Virginia will not be at the top of your bucket list. When thinking of the USA, people usually focus on states such as New York, California, Texas, or Florida.

This puts places such as Virginia low on the list of top tourist destinations. Undeservedly so! We are here to change this notion and to put Virginia on the map. Below you’ll find a list of things to do and places to see when you’re in the Mother of Presidents as Virginia is often called.

The Land of Natural Beauty and Rich Heritage

Blue Ridge Mountains

You can’t compare Virginia’s heritage to any other in the States. This state is as old as America itself. The first English settlement was here in Jamestown, and it is a place where the Civil War took shape the most.

If you look back through time, this is a State that was witness to the birth of a nation like no other. Putting history aside, its natural beauty is second to none. It covers a vast area from the Atlantic Ocean to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The unique mix of history and natural beauty is what makes it so special and worth your time and energy.

Tours and Sites on The History Map

One of the best eyes through which you should view Virginia is history. So, it’s no wonder that tourism in this state is focused on its historical background. This is the main reason why you should dedicate yourself to exploring one of its numerous historical tours that will lead you to some of Virginia’s most precious sites.

The places that you need to see at all costs include, but are not limited to Arlington National Cemetery and Colonial Williamsburg. Once you’re done with these two, you need to wrap it up with Historic Jamestown and Monticello.

When you do this, your historical knowledge will be bigger than ever. American history is not a long one, but it has its roots engraved deep in Virginia. For more things like these that you must see please visit

Outdoors and Natural Wonders

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

In this department, Virginia has plenty to brag about.  If you’re a person of the outdoors, you will have your mind and soul full in no time. Just some of the locations that are a must-see in this domain include Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Once you explore it please move towards the Luray Caverns.

When you’re back on the surface you need to shift your attention towards Hiking Trails in numerous Virginia State Parks. The nature in this state is sure to leave you breathless and not even a second of your time will be wasted if you decide to explore it even further than our suggestions.

Culture & Museums

History and nature do sound and look nice in Virginia but the story of this state doesn’t stop there. If you’re a man who wants to see both but to expand his knowledge even further, you need to check out what this state has to offer in terms of cultural heritage and the many, many, museums it has to offer. For one, you need to check out the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Next, move towards the Steven F Udvar-Hazy Center which has close ties to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Instead of stopping there, you should wrap your cultural exploration of Virginia with George Washington’s Mount Vernon. If you love American history through the eyes of its presidency this will be the cream on the cake.

Wine Tours and Unique Cuisine

Wine Tours and Unique Cuisine

If you look to wine and dine while in Virginia you will not be making a mistake. This state is famed for its cuisine which is an interesting mixture of Southern style combined with modern dishes. Beyond that, every meal needs to be blessed with at least a glass of wine.

Virginia is famed across the States and even globally for its variety of wines. The wineries in this state are more than worth your attention. That’s why you need to enlist in one of Virginia’s famous culinary and wine tours. Combining the two is an ideal choice, but you can divide it and choose only one, depending on your preferences.

Going on a Virginia Adventure

There are people who see Virginia as a boring state. While there could be an argument that it doesn’t bring the same thrills to the table as the likes of Florida, California, New York, or Colorado, there’s plenty of fun to have in Virginia. If you’re in the mood for an off-road adventure you need to sign up for one of its 4WD tours.

Beyond that, you have the mountain bike tours that can take you to a full exploration of the Blue Mountain Ridge. Yes, if you want to do all of the above, but within the boundaries of cities and landmarks that Virginia has to offer you need to find an ideal Segway tour for your needs.

Explore The Waters

You can never have too little diversified fun when in Virginia. In addition to everything we listed above, you can even enjoy some water activities in this beautiful state. When you explore Virginia from the water, it allows you to see it in a different light when compared to everything we have listed above.

So, do not waste any time and go on a boat tour of Virginia ASAP. To make yourself one with this state you should go on a famed Potomac River Cruise. Being in the broad territory of North Virginia gives you a unique perspective on the US capital and it is a cruise you need to have in your life.


The state that breathes America. The United States of America wouldn’t have been what they are today without the state of Virginia. You need to add it to your bucket list and make the best of your time spent there.

With every activity, landmark, and location worth of sightseeing we listed above there is not even one reason not to listen to us. So, book your flight, ticket, and stay, and head straight to Virginia. It will be worth your time and effort. Trust us on this one.

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