The Energy Vortexes in Red Rock Country

In addition to being a beautiful and serene place, Greater Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power center and famous for its energy vortexes that many believe saturate the area in a subtle but positive way.

The power that emanates from these vortexes is said to produce some of the most remarkable energy on the planet and attracts many people with a commitment to grow spiritually and peacefully. It is also the reason that a New Age community has sprung up in the area, bringing with it a variety of spiritual, Native American and alternative healing practices.

What exactly is a Vortex?

The vortexes in Red Rock Country are considered to be invisible swirls of subtle energy emanating from the surface of the earth. The vortex energy is not exactly electricity or magnetism, although it can leave a measurable residual magnetism in the places where it is strongest.

There are four main "earth energy" vortexes in Greater Sedona -- but two of the strongest and most beautiful are on or near the Byway (shown below). All the vortexes are all easy to get to, and no strenuous hiking is required.

RED ROCK CROSSING at Cathedral Rock

Oak Creek, where it runs next to Cathedral Rock, is called "Red Rock Crossing" and considered a strong Vortex as well as a sacred area in Native American history. Majestically overlooking the land and Oak Creek, Cathedral Rock is revered by Native Americans as a home of the gods and the birthplace of the first man and woman. It is also the most photographed Red Rock Formation, often found on postcards and calendars.

There are 2 ways to access this Vortex from the Byway. The easiest is drive north on the Byway from the Forest Visitor Center and take Verde Valley School Road (the road to your left or West at the second Roundabout) to almost the end, about 7 miles, where you'll see a parking lot on your left. Park and walk a very short distance to where the road deadends at Oak Creek. It's a beautiful, unforgettable spot; don't forget your camera!

If you enjoy moderate hiking and climbing, there's a second route that will bring you close enough to this Vortex to feel its energy. From Red Rock Scenic Byway, drive to Back-o-Beyond Road (the road to your left or West at the first roundabout after leaving the Village). Go .6 mile to the parking area at the base of Cathedral Rock and hike up toward the center of Cathedral Rock; take the trail that goes to your right or to the West. There are several trails in this area, but this is the one that will take you to Oak Creek.


Bell Rock, reputed to have strong Vortex energy all around it, is on the Byway and unmistakable. It's huge bell shape towers over the Village and makes it easy to spot. Parking and trails are clearly visible at the Bell Rock turnoff, just north of the Village. There are several trails, like Bell Rock Pathway and Bell Rock Trail, that are wide and fairly easy. Courthouse Loop is 4 miles long and more difficult. Remember to always bring water on a trail!

Bell Rock has lots of history, starting with the Yavapai Indians, whose hunter-gathering ancestors began roaming the area six centuries ago and believed the red rocks were the bodies and blood of huge monsters. The legend goes Shaman hero Skatakaamcha slew the monsters, including a giant bird that lived on a mountaintop (some say Bell Rock).

In 1987 over 5,000 New Agers gathered here to be part of the worldwide Harmonic Convergence, waiting for Bell Rock's top to open and reveal a rising spaceship.

Some visitors still expect otherworldly sights, but the more enlightened go home understanding that communion with the outer landscape can help you understand the one within -- that's what we call a true Sedona "souvenir."

There's more information at or type in the words "Sedona Vortexes" into a search engine and receive a wealth of information including maps and Vortex tour companies.
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